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Learn How To Use The Healing Power Of Food & Build The Career You Always Dreamed Of.


Without needing a science background. Without feeling completely overwhelmed & without rigid deadlines or time limits. Accessible study for all, in your own time, in your own way.

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Are You Ready To Build A Thriving Career Around Your Love For Nutrition?


Do you want to help others transform their health and move towards a healthier more vibrant life, by changing the food that is on their plate? Do you have a love for nutrition and want to use this to build a beautiful and rewarding career? We teach you how to use food and dietary changes as a powerful therapy that can help people take back control of their health. We then take you by the hand and help you turn this knowledge into a rewarding scalable business that can transform your life as you transform the lives of others. 

Will YOU Be Our Next Success Story?


Nutrition Coaching can completely change your life & give you a career to be proud of. A career that gives back. A career that does good in the World. One that makes lives better. 

At the Nutrition Coach Academy we have successfully trained over 2000 health, wellness & fitness professionals, and they are out there making their mark and helping others reclaim good health.

From becoming celebrated authors, to running successful coaching businesses, and even going on to higher education, our graduates are shaping the future of health & nutrition.

You can be the next success story.

You just need the right team behind you, the right training & the right skills.

"I took the diploma, took the leap and left my corporate job, and now I am celebrating 5 years of my health & nutrition business" 


Viki Garbett - Diploma Graduate & Founder of Twiddle Food. 


"I have no science background AND I'm working full time.. 


But, I can study when I have free time, knowing that there is no clock ticking or deadlines for assignments. This course fits around ME & my life perfectly."

Does This Sound Familiar


You have always had a passion for nutrition and you know just how powerful and transformative it can be, and how much it can turn our health around, but…...


As much as you would love to, you’re not sure how to turn that passion into an actual career where you can help people every day, and build a healthy profitable business. Where do you even start?

Or, maybe you are a practitioner of other therapies, a health coach, or a personal trainer, and you know full well that a better deeper knowledge of diet and nutrition will help you take your clients results and health transformations to the next level, and have a huge impact upon your business’ bottom line too. But you don't know the best route to go.

If any of that sounds like you then it may seem like you are stuck, just staying where you are not knowing which way to turn or what move to make.


We Have The Solution……

Introducing The Globally Accredited:

Diploma In Nutrition Coaching 

& Culinary Medicine

A transformative in depth programme that teaches you the science of using nutrition as a powerful tool to improve health and tackle disease, and brings it all back to one thing - FOOD! Blending cutting-edge science with practical skills. Ideal for personal trainers, health professionals, coaches, and complete beginners alike. We offer a transformative journey for all skill levels. Equip yourself with all the tools to truly lead in the nutrition & health field. 

Accredited In 36 Countries By:

"I knew that this was going to be a challenging course and something I had to really apply myself to, but I have loved every second and so proud to have graduated in 2024" 

Teresa Johnson - Personal Trainer & 2024 Diploma Graduate (Part Time Flexible Study)


A Little Walk Through Our Course

See what we teach and how we teach it, and how our students progress through the programme and refine and develop their skills, to make them the Nutrition Coaches we are so proud of. 


After Completing The Diploma You Will:


Be Fully Equipped To Help Clients Transform Their Health With Targeted Diet Changes

Have A Business Roadmap Built & Designed For Your Success

Gain Specialist 'Made For You' Insurance To Start Work Immediately

Let's Look Deeper:

Be Fully Equipped To Help Clients Transform Their Health.

Upon graduating you will have a level of knowledge of the science of nutrition and how it relates to specific health concerns and issues, far beyond other Nutrition Coaches 'out there'. You will be worlds apart. Using this knowledge you can tailor very specific and targeted nutrition plans for your clients that meet their exact needs. We also teach you a core coaching framework and develop those skills as you move through the course, so that you can help your clients transition into their new diet and lifestyle easily and comfortably, regardless of the hurdles that they face.

Have A Business Roadmap Built For Success

At The Nutrition Coach Academy, we offer more than just education; we provide a comprehensive 'coaching business blueprint' to launch your career to new heights. Learn to market effectively, build your client list, create engaging online courses, and design group programs. Our curriculum guides you through establishing a scalable business, mastering media pitches, becoming a published author, and excelling in social media. Join us to not only become a world-class nutrition coach but to build a transformative career. We guide you to a life-changing vocation in nutrition coaching.

Specialist 'Made For You' Insurance So You Can Start Working Immediately....

We have partnered with one of the UK's leading insurance providers for health & wellness professionals, to create a bespoke insurance policy for our graduates. . It is tailored to meet all of the environments that you may work in, and can cover you in the later part of your student journey too. This is UK only but our accrediting bodies also have insurance options for our students around the World. 

100% Online. 100% In Your Own Time - No Deadlines Or Time Limits. Ever. 

The final point we want to drive home is that this course is made for the real World. No term times. No deadlines. No time limits. You can study in a time frame that works for YOU and fit this course around family and work. We have heard so many horror stories of companies putting these limits on students and even charging them for going over. Not here. You will never be treated like that under OUR wing!

Course Modules:


Meet more of our students and graduates and learn about their journey's & experiences on this rewarding, challenging, and life changing programme.



An interactive online learning platform that works on any device.

Our learning environment works beautifully on all devices so you can easily study at home or on the go, in a crystal clear seamless environment.

Monthly live group sessions.

Every month we host live sessions for all students. These sessions are open Q&A for all things nutritional science and study support. You get lifetime access to these - even after graduation. 

A wide variety of teaching materials to suit all learning types

We use a combination of video lectures, audio downloads, visual presentations and downloadable pdf documents, to cater for all types of learner. 

Ongoing tutor support sessions as and when you need them.

Yes we are an online programme, but you are not on your own. We have an absolute open door policy where you can get as much one on one support from us as you need. 

Vast 'learning archives' to support your studies.

We have created 2 learning archives to support your learning outside of the main course curriculum. One for nutrition, one for business. Imagine these as huge libraries of video podcasts and interviews with the global leaders in nutritional sciences, clinical practitioners, researchers, medics and titans of business and marketing too. 

A faculty of teaching staff that are the leaders in the industry.

We have a combined teaching team of Dr's, Clinicians, World acclaimed academics, and nutritional pioneers teaching you throughout this journey. Get ready to go deep. 

Meet Our Founder


Our diploma was created by Dale Pinnock BSc (Hons), PgDip (Nutr Med), a multi award winning nutritionist with 30 years in the industry. Dale was one of the first figureheads for this industry as far back as 1994. Dale is sought after for his ability to teach complex nutritional science in a way that gives clarity and deep understanding.

Known by the nickname 'The Medicinal Chef' he is a Sunday Times best selling author of 20 books on the subject of food as medicine and is best known in the UK as a presenter on ITV's hit prime time series 'Eat, Shop, Save' which ran to great acclaim for 5 years. 

 A specialist in metabolic health and immunological issues, Dale ran busy clinics in Cambridgeshire, London & Hertfordshire, working with thousands of patients to restore their health through the most practical, safe and effective method possible - the food that they eat. 

 This diploma is the culmination of 30 years experience, condensed into the most powerful, practical and in depth certification of its kind.

 Dale is the programme leader, school principal and runs our monthly live online sessions too. 

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